Thanks, It’s Nuuly

As much as I hate admitting this, I care about outfit repeating. Sure, call me vapid. Materialistic. Wasteful. I can take it.

In this age of social media domination, the pressure to display a different outfit each time you post a photo is real. Especially as a blogger. 

Although I’m a bargain hunter and a large chunk of my fashion finds come from the “under $25” filter on Amazon, I still can’t keep up with the cost of buying something new for every event. 

Not to mention, my studio apartment does not have the room for any more clothes. I’m sorry Marie Kondo, but clothes bring me joy!

So, when Nuuly was launched, my interest was piqued. 

Nuuly is a clothing rental service brought to you by URBN, aka the company behind Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People. 

For $88 per month, you can choose six items to rent. And you get free two-day shipping!

Listen…I’m a 27-year-old copywriter in New York City. To me, $88 is a lot of money. But realistically, I’m paying close to that per month on shoddily-made items from overseas. Plus, when compared to Rent the Runway Unlimited, Nuuly is about half the price. 

There are tons of everyday clothing options as well as fancier items—so you can snag everything from a plain tee to a sequin minidress. 

This month, my plans included a first date, a winery tour, a trip to Boston and a weekend in the Hamptons. It seemed like the perfect time to try out the rental game.

But…my first package got lost in the mail.

It wasn’t Nuuly’s fault. It was all on UPS. I waited for my box and the tracking never updated. I finally reached out to Nuuly via chat and they were so apologetic. They contacted UPS for me, discovered that the package had been lost, and added a seventh item for the inconvenience. It still sucked because one of the items I had chosen the first time around was no longer available in my size, but I did appreciate the customer service.

Two days later, my reusable cloth bag arrived with my items perfectly folded. It also came with my own Pinch Provisions kit and a reusable tote to keep! Nice touch. 

When I’m ready to return, I just drop off the bag at the UPS around the corner from me. Once Nuuly receives it, I’m ready to choose my six new items.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I rented this month, right?

Well, your wish is my command! (Note: until I find myself an Instagram husband, you’ll have to deal with these subpar mirror selfies, featuring gym hair and a messy, poorly lit apartment. I thought these were just going to my mom and my bestie at the time.)

I’ve linked to the products themselves on each photo in case you want to buy instead of rent. They’re allll on sale, so do what you wish with that information.

Has anyone else tried Nuuly or another clothing rental service? What’d you think?

Colorfully Yours,


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