Book Review: Where the Missing Go

If you don’t like murder mysteries, this is not the novel for you. If you’re a psychological thriller junkie like I am, you should add it to your cart.

Full disclosure, I received this book for free as part of my InfluenceHer Essentials Summer Box, which you might’ve seen me mention on my Instagram. I hadn’t heard of the novel before receiving it, but I can guarantee this review is unbiased. I love books too much to cheat them like that.

Emma Rowley’s first novel (damn, you go girl!) is told from the perspective of Kate, a middle-aged mother grappling with the disappearance of her teenage daughter. It’s been two years and although she’s received postcards from her daughter assuring her that she’s ok, Kate refuses to believe that Sophie would actually run away.

Fueled by a mother’s intuition, Kate is desperate to prove that something has happened to Sophie…and to ultimately bring her home.

Just as I thought I had figured this one out, I was thrown for a loop. And then another loop. There are lots of red herrings here, and Rowley does them so well. 

I don’t often get scared by this kind of thing (you already know most of my media intake is in the genre of true crime) but I have to admit, there was one night when I had to put it down. I was riding the train home from Boston by myself, late at night, and I just needed to take a breather until I was locked safely into my apartment.

If and when Rowley releases another novel, I’ll definitely be grabbing it. On my couch, with the lights on.

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