Selena Gomez for Louis Vuitton

selena gomez

Those of you that follow fashion news will probably have seen these photos already, but I just couldn’t risk anyone missing out on them.

Selena Gomez, one of my all-time favorite girl crushes, just debuted in Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign. Needless to say, Selena looks so fierce in the photos.

I feel like her versatility is actually pretty underrated, so hopefully this campaign shows you skeptics out there how legit she actually is. I mean, I’d date her.

Also, the photos were shot in Miami, which I obviously have some serious affection for as my former home.

Enjoy the photos below and just try not to envision yourself as a fashion-forward jetsetter. Harder than you thought, huh?

Colorfully Yours,


selena-gomez-louis-vuitton selena-gomez-louis-vuitton selena-gomez-louis-vuittonselena-gomez-louis-vuitton

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