Vino & Vinyasa

I love yoga. I also love wine. So when I learned I could combine the two, I was sold.

Drunk Yoga is a company that hosts—you guessed it—drunk yoga classes. So what does that mean exactly?

Each class starts with a happy hour where you can enjoy a glass or two of wine while you mix and mingle with the other participants. Then you move to the mat…but you bring your wine with you. Yup, you fill your glass halfway and add a straw. Then the instructor guides you through classic yoga poses with a big twist: you balance your wine while doing them. 

Our instructor outlined some crucial rules, like if you spill you have to compliment yourself in front of the class. I spilled within the first few minutes, of course, so I complimented my own yoga outfit. 

I’ll admit that I’m not usually one to be super social during exercise classes, but the mix of a fun instructor, a small group and flowing wine meant that we were all interacting. We were laughing, swearing, and even “cheers-ing” behind our backs.

I had such a great time and would absolutely go to another Drunk Yoga class. The next day, I recommended it to all my new coworkers…who might think I have a bit of a wine problem now. 

Snag my fun yoga mat here!

Colorfully Yours,


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