VMAs: Red Carpet Recap


One of my strongest dislikes may surprise you.

It’s watching award shows.

Obviously I’d love nothing more than to walk a red carpet and to be up front and personal with the glitterati that comes with it, but there are few things I find as boring as watching it from home. No knock on the nominees in the least, but if I’m really dying to know who won, I can use Google for that.

Which is precisely what I do for the red carpet fashions.

A simple search of “VMA Red Carpet 2016” gave me tons of hits before the actual show had even started. Instagram is helpful for this critical research as well.

Aside from the outfits, there was one thing I needed to see at this year’s VMAs: Taylor Swift’s new music video for Wildest Dreams. It did not disappoint. I’m not ashamed to say it gave me butterflies… and not just because Taylor got to make out with Scoot Eastwood (swoon).

At the risk of sounding like one of those emo kids that brags about liking bands before they’re cool, I’ve been a Taylor fan since eighth grade. Like many other girls, Taylor got me through every crush, heartache, friend drama, and low self esteem issue from middle school onwards. And her songs still resonate with me as strongly today. Being around the same age as the superstar, my friends and I have essentially grown up with Taylor. Our struggles and celebrations have often mirrored hers. (On a bit of a smaller scale maybe, but similar timing and feelings nonetheless.) And there’s something about that connection that gives you goosebumps.

The Wildest Dreams video showed Taylor in a more grown up, even sexual, light than we’ve seen her before. The video was aesthetically beautiful as much as it was emotionally relevant. Another thing that gives me butterflies besides Scott Eastwood and songs about coming of age? Old Hollywood glamour. Guess what? Taylor brought that too.

Anyway, enough sappy talk. Let’s get to the clothes!


I’m a huge fan of Demi Lovato. She openly talks about her struggles with body image, which is something so many of us can relate to. Her unbelievable (and relatively newfound) confidence has been showing through so much lately, and there is no better accessory than that. She rocks everything she wears. Especially this detailed pink number. The geometric cutouts are unique and intricate. The long sleeves provide some modesty, while the tight fit highlights Demi’s amazing figure. Keep killin’ it, girl.

Obviously I’ve made it clear how I feel about Taylor Swift. Along with just ‘getting’ me, she slays the outfit game time after time. In fact, I can’t think of an outfit of hers that I didn’t like. Crop top, pants, sequins, sleeves, slicked hair, and fierce heels. Tay was doing it all last night. Talk about Wildest Dreams.

Hailee Steinfeld is part of Taylor’s famous girl gang, but she certainly knows how to shine on her own. The crisp white color of this jumpsuit allows us to focus on the daring culotte-style legs and caped top. I can’t stop jamming out to Hailee’s new song, Love Myself, and it’s clear why she does. Her name is pretty great too!

Boho queen Vanessa Hudgens stayed true to herself with a flowy, feminine frock. If the texture on this dress photographs this well, I can’t imagine how gorgeous it is in person. She styled it with some cool, long necklaces and signature boho hair. The shape of Vanessa’s dress is what every girl dreams of donning if (or when) she gets invited to the red carpet.

Worst VMAS

You know those people that try so hard to be different that it actually makes it seem like they have no mind of their own? That’s how I feel about Miley CyrusYou know what would be interesting and surprising, Miley? If you wore an outfit that didn’t look like it came straight from a trippy porno. I’m all about freedom of expression and all that, but I’m pretty bored of Miley’s schtick.

Karlie Kloss is obviously beautiful, but she played it far too safe last night. The color of her dress and the studded detail are great starts, but the shapeless maxi and boring sandals look more dinner-on-vacation appropriate than red-carpet-ready.

I’m a longtime fan of JoJoand I totally support her new music, but this dress was not exactly the comeback I was hoping for. For starters, it’s way too short. Too Little, Too Late is pretty spot on here. Trust me, I’m no prude, but this length doesn’t look flattering or even comfortable. And I’m biased against that tapestry look, so the material isn’t working for me, either.

It physically pains me to put Selena Gomez on the worst dressed list, but honesty is important to me. Selena is one of my top girl crushes ever, but this blah black number does nothing for her! As you can tell from some of my best dressed picks, I’m all for modesty. But how ’bout modesty in a bright color or interesting pattern? Ugh, Sel, this dress is not Good for You. 

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