Hole in One: Sydney Elizabeth Golf


Why am I telling you to watch out?

Because I’m about to hit you with an amazing new company.

IMG_2130A little birdie told me about Sydney Elizabeth Golf. Ok, I actually discovered them when they followed me on Instagram, but I really wanted to fit a golf pun in there.

The brand debuted just a few months ago by a twenty-something female golfer who was tired of the unappealing golf apparel options for fashionable players.

Enter these amazing skorts. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m a total skort enthusiast. I love how they’re girly and adorable but you can also do your thing without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

Sydney sent me this colorful, preppy skort in her Berkeley print. It looks and feels like Lilly quality, but the price is a bit more appealing. I’m obsessed with this print – especially the white lacy detailing on the sides. How precious?!

You don’t have to be a golfer to wear these, either. I mean…you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m no athlete. Sidenote/humble brag though: my brother Colin is a professional golfer. My brother Matt is a writer with published pieces about golf. My dad got them both into the game, but he didn’t have the same success with my Mom and I. He never lets go of the time (looong ago) that he took the two of us to a public course to practice but we made him take us home early to catch the beginning of Big Brother.

Anyway, I took my skort for a spin around the Boston Public Garden, followed by a bite to eat on Newbury Street. The super light spandex shorts underneath kept me cool on an 80-plus-degree day. I also gave it the ol’ ‘jump test’ on the forbidden lawn of the garden. Anything for fashion.

You could easily dress these skorts up or down. I paired mine with a comfy cotton crop top, a pink monogram necklace, and some Sperry Topsiders. (You may notice gold sandals in some of the photos – I may have forgotten to change them. But look at that versatility!)

I threw a chambray button down on top in the restaurant, which proves that these skorts are just as practical for fall. I would even wear this one with a blouse and some wedges for a dressier occasion. If you can wear the same item with sandals, sneakers, and wedges, you’ve made a hole in one.

Whether you’re all about hitting the links or you’re more into hitting the pro shop, Sydney Elizabeth Golf is ‘on par’ with your lifestyle.














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