Logged On: My Morning Routine

Everyone has their own morning routine. Mine consists of pressing snooze about seven times and then finally panicking and shooting out of bed. I throw on clothes, brush my teeth and fly out the door—this all usually happens within a six minute period. And you thought I was high maintenance! 

Once I get to my office, I check emails and then go downstairs for a cup of Café Bustelo with almond milk and one Splenda and a protein bar. I come back to my computer and begin my “morning news cycle.” You’ll see why I put that in quotes once you see which sources I visit.

For whatever reason, I visit these sites in the same order every single day. Ok, the reason is probably my OCD. I don’t really know when this process started or how, but now it’s just a part of my day and I don’t feel complete without it.

While most of these sites don’t exactly scream “hard-hitting global news,” they are surprisingly informative. When visited together, they provide the perfect blend of pop culture, politics, style and more.

Refinery 29

I love how empowering this site is for young women. It makes me feel like a boss. An informed, financially conscious, politically savvy (and also stylish) boss!


The name is just the best. It was started as a fashion blog by Leandre Medine, whose eclectic style of dress tended to, well, repel men. It’s sarcastic, funny and refreshing.

Brit & Co

Admittedly, this is the fluffiest site on the list. It’s mostly focused on creativity, DIYs, retail launches and sales, etc. But it’s colorful and peppy and a great way to start your day.

Buzzfeed News

Before you judge me for the fact that I’m getting “news” from Buzzfeed, hear me out: it gives a brief synopsis of trending stories. Then I can choose what I want to learn more about and head to more, uh, reputable sources for a deeper dive.

The Cut

The Cut is by New York Magazine. It’s another life and style site for women, but it’s so smart. It’s witty and fun but addresses serious issues head on and, well, seriously.


You may have heard of this one! Lolol. Yes, I do cap off my routine with a good ol’ CNN perusal. Pretty self explanatory.

What does your morning routine—internet or otherwise—look like? I’d love to hear!

Colorfully Yours,


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