10 Tips to Stay Sane During Quarantine

Being stuck in your apartment to protect yourself from a potentially deadly virus isn’t fun. But on the bright side, we’re all in this together (cue the High School Musical soundtrack). I’ve rounded up some ideas for how to keep your mind right during the madness. If you need me, I’ll be on the tiny couch pictured above until further notice.

  1. Hit the Books: This is definitely an obvious suggestion, but it’s also my personal favorite. Think of all the times you said “I wish I had more time to read!” Not sure where to start? I have an entire section dedicated to book reviews.
  2. Bake It ‘Til You Make It: Baking is such an awesome stress reliever—and in the end, you’re left with yummy snacks to enjoy. Since we’re all trying to avoid gaining the Quarantine15, check out my lightened-up recipes here.
  3. Get Organized: This morning I color-coded my bookshelf and it brought me more joy than it probably should’ve. You can also check out these tips I wrote for bathroom organization!
  4. Face It: You can give your face some love without randomly touching it. Now is a good time to start a new skincare routine or play around with makeup.
  5. Listen Up: Been meaning to get into podcasts? Start today! Check out my recommendations here and here.
  6. Window Shop: So you can’t go outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bunch of things to your online shopping cart for fun—and maybe even order a couple. Read my sale hacks first.
  7. Binge a New Show: Duh. Can’t decide which show to choose? I listed some faves in this post. I also shared a bunch of recs on my Instagram stories. If you didn’t have a chance to see ’em, DM me!
  8. Go on a Virtual Date: Feeling lonely? Hey, I get it—I live alone in a studio apartment. Sometimes a little swiping is all you need. Or just read up on some of my dating blogs, like this one.
  9. Start a Journal: Whether you need to let out your Corona-related anxiety or you just need a creative outlet, journaling is so helpful. Find out how I got started here.
  10. Keep It Light: Finally, I know the news can get overwhelming. But you want to stay informed, of course. Try some lighter-yet-still-informative websites like the ones in this post.

Stay safe, stay inside, and stay sane. Thinking of you all and sending love.

Colorfully Yours,


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